Q: Can I submit multiple projects or to multiple categories?

A: You can submit more than one project to our festival or submit the same project to multiple categories.

Q: Can I submit a rejected project again for the next year?

A: You cannot submit a project again if it has been previously rejected.

Q: What if I submit to the wrong category?

A: If you're unsure which category your project should be submitted to, please contact us, and we will try to help you select the correct category. If you have already submitted to the wrong category, let us know, and we will do our best to change the category for you.

Q: Can you make an exception for late submission or extend the closing date?

A: If you're late for submission, we encourage you to submit for the following year. We cannot extend the closing dates.

Q: Do you accept unfinished projects?

A: Unfinished projects cannot be considered to run at the festival. We are excited to see your project once it is finished.

Q: If my film has been rejected or if I cancel my submission, can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, there is no refund policy. Once submitted, it cannot be undone. Please read the Rules & Terms carefully before your submission.

Q: Do you provide feedback on every film submitted?

A: We can provide feedback upon request for your officially selected project(s), with additional charges. Annual winners will receive feedback upon request with no charges.

Q: What will be done with submitted projects after the festival?

A: According to your preference, we can keep your project in our archive or delete it after the festival. Archived projects will be kept in our database for five consecutive years.

Q: How will I receive my certificates and awards?

A: All digital certificates and digital awards will be sent to you through email. They are designed at high resolution and are free of charge.

Q: How will I receive my trophy or memento?

A: If you are not attending the festival in person, trophies and mementos are available upon request with applicable charges. If you will attend the annual event in person as the winner in your category, your trophy will be handed to you during the FUIFF AWARD Ceremony.

Q: Do you help with distribution?

A: Distribution or sales support is available if your project matches the criteria of our distributor.

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